Top 100 Cricket Team Names for Cricket Tournaments

100 Cricket Team Names for Cricket Tournaments

Top 100 Cricket Team Names for Cricket Tournaments
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Cricket tournament coming up… and you haven’t thought of a team name for your cricket team. Do not panic, this article provides an epic list of cricket team names to help you pick an apt name for your cricket group.

Cricket is a popular bat-and-ball-sport played between two teams. Cricket is hugely popular in India, Australia, Pakistan, England, West Indies, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, New Zealand, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Afghanistan. In major cricket playing countries, cricket is played in every nook and corner. Needless to say it’s like religion for the population in India. While official cricket matches are played on a cricket field, every cricket enthusiast breaks sweat on every available space in the neighborhood. In India and other countries that play the sport, a number of local tournaments are played at various levels.

Team Names for Cricket Tournaments

Short formats such as 8, 10, 12, 15, and 20 overs a side are exceedingly popular in neighborhoods.

Numerous cricket tournaments are organized for different age groups, offering a cash prize for the winning team. Cricket matches are held in neighborhood playgrounds. In many neighborhoods, short-pitch cricket tournaments are played where teams in the neighborhood compete for a cash prize.

Corporate cricket tournaments have become exceedingly popular in recent years. Day matches and Day-and- Night cricket matches are played in tournaments organized in neighborhoods, or at the corporate level. A team that wants to participate in a local cricket competition requires a team name. A name gives a team identity, and that’s the reason a group of individuals playing cricket together require a strong team name.

Team names can be used for teams in interschool cricket tournaments and inter-college tournaments. These tournaments are played at school and college grounds and often have parents cheering for their children playing cricket. Cricket team names should be marketable and showcase the soul of the group of individuals playing cricket.

Cricket teams get cricket jerseys and cricket t-shirts made with their team name and logo. You can get personalized cricket jerseys for you cricket team from online platforms or from sports shops in your neighborhood. Many sports shops online or at a physical location offer personalized cricket merchandise at a discounted price on bulk purchases.

How to Chooose a Cricket Team Name

 While it may sound easy to come up with a cricket team name, in reality it isn’t. A team name should represent the spirit of the group. Ideally, team names for cricket should represent the soul of the sport, however, there are no rules to coming up with a name for a cricket team. Creative cricket team names and funny cricket team names grab a great of attention during tournaments, regardless of how good the players are. It is wise to go with a team name that is dynamic and progressive, a name that spells ‘power’ that everybody can relate to.

Consider the following while picking a team name for your group at a cricket tournament

  • Suggestions of members in regard with the cricket team name.
  • Pick a name that is powerful and gives your group/team unique identity.
  • Do not pick a very lengthy name for your team. Lengthy names are not easy to remember and often get mocked at or joked about among crowds at tournaments.
  • Pick a name that is practical and represents from where you come.
  • Landmarks or names of places in your neighborhood can used to incorporate in your team name
  • Make sure you get approval of all team members in regard with the team name.

The space below showcases an epic list of cricket team names for tournaments at various levels.

Top 100 Cricket Team Names for Cricket Tournaments

  1. The Epic Blasters
  2. Slip Matic
  3. The Cridators
  4. Power Hitters
  5. Guts N’ Glory
  6. Pot Belly Riders
  7. Giant Slayers
  8. Kill Swing Maniacs
  9. Waverider Legends
  10. Front Foot Damsels (Girl’s Cricket Team)
  11. Zombie Hitters
  12. Techie Blasters
  13. Ruthless Hard Hitters
  14. Killfist Warriors
  15. Boom Boom Bashers
  16. Swing Thing
  17. Mighty Demons
  18. Hit Machine
  19. Bohemian Blasters
  20. Spartan Strikers
  21. Ball Busters
  22. Fine Legs (Girls Cricket Team)
  23. Barbarian Burn
  24. Calculated Bash Legion
  25. Storm Riders
  26. Hush Crush Machine
  27. Tenacious Devils
  28. Sacred Shots
  29. Calm Attack
  30. Magnitude 11
  31. Demon Strikers
  32. The Hulk Cuts
  33. Crease Masters
  34. Powerzone Giants
  35. Don’s Good Men
  36. Courageous Tiny Tots (Kids Cricket Team)
  37. Strike Force 11
  38. What A Shot
  39. Slog Warriors
  40. Mettle Drive
  41. Hit Breed Warriors
  42. The Hairy Demons
  43. Sting Machine
  44. Brute Force Brigade
  45. Cool Thumpers
  46. Storm Bringers
  47. The Bald Heads (Senior Citizens Cricket Team)
  48. The Crick Axeman
  49. Headrush Blasters
  50. Dragon Attack
  51. Middle Stump Assault
  52. Venomous Blasters
  53. Diva Drive (Girl’s Cricket Team)
  54. The Ballistic Bombers
  55. Monster Attack
  56. The Big Beaters
  57. Slay Demons
  58. Braveheart Warriors
  59. Humble Tenacity
  60. Goregrind Density
  61. Bounce Demons
  62. Sales Pitch Demons (Corporate Cricket Team)
  63. Pin Drop Violence
  64. Over The Top Gurus
  65. Tactical Attack Clan
  66. Bite Gremlins
  67. Kingdom of Crick
  68. Hit Theory
  69. Doomsday Warriors
  70. Monster Hit Makers
  71. Ball Stingers
  72. The Mass Appeal
  73. Blitzkrieg Rout Machine
  74. Ironfist Warriors
  75. Demon Knights
  76. Bro-Bot-Revolution
  77. The Shot Market (Corporate Cricket Team)
  78. Death Punch
  79. Ariel Assault
  80. Sky Breezers
  81. Big Hit Theory
  82. Alien Stomp
  83. Extreme Hit Massacre
  84. Masters of Havoc
  85. The Clobber Heads
  86. Bat Assault
  87. Hogwarts Crick Assault
  88. Sons of Pitches
  89. The Fire Breathers
  90. Lip Stick Warriors (Girl's Cricket Team)
  91. Kill Switch Poltergeists
  92. Merciless Strikers
  93. The Sticky Wickets
  94. Shred Bit Giants
  95. Run Gods
  96. Extreme Hit Monsters
  97. Strike Anthology
  98. The Crusher Clan
  99. Bat Cats of Doom
  100. Cool Onslaught

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